Terms & Policies

Cancellation Policy

To ensure Start Pilates Clients optimal use of the limited spaces available during appointment times, and for my business to run efficiently, the studio requires 24 hours notice for any appointment/session cancellations. For example, if you have a session on Friday morning and you cancel Thursday night, this is a late cancellation. Therefore, you need to give 24 hours notice to not incur the cancellation fee.

Late cancellations, failure to attend or late rescheduling of your appointment will result in one session of your current purchased sessions, or future purchased sessions, if you are due to purchase another block of sessions, being deducted. 

To cancel please call or text the studio on 0413 086 204. I have voicemail if I am unable to take your call and the time you called will be automatically recorded on the voicemail.

Please note this phone number is the only means of cancelling and changing appointments.

I do understand that unforeseen events, that are out of your control, arise from time to time. However, the studio experiences on average 5 to 10 late cancellations per week (more during the winter period). If I were to incur all of these late cancellations, the financial loss to the business would be as such that I could not continue with my current business model or with my current prices.

A solution to wavering the cancellation fee would be to increase all client fees to allow for the late cancellations. However, this is not something that I am comfortable doing, as most clients do not incur late cancellations and the majority of clients who do cancel late understand that this is their responsibility, not the studio’s responsibility.

Another option is to call the studio on the day you would like to do a session in the hope that we have a spot available. However, we cannot guarantee a spot with this scenario. The things Start Pilates do take on board to ensure that I can cater to clients as best as possible are:

• I limit the number of new clients we bring into the studio to ensure our existing clients have sessions available to them. At some point in most years we have to close the books which means turning new clients away, which is effectively turning business away

• I ensure that I keep existing clients’ appointment times for them if they have long periods away from the studio, which in turn limits my ability to see new clients

• I do my best to offer a high quality service, with, keeping up with the latest Pilates techniques and education.

Please also know that when clients do cancel within the 24 hour period, those vacancies are rarely filled. The reason for this…… I limit the clientele I have on our books to ensure I have vacancies for current clients, within our limited sessions available. Thus, the cancellations with 24 hours notice are at the studios expense.

I do understand that all the reasons for cancelling late are valid. I know this because I have incredible and genuine clients. However, please understand that it is not just your late cancellation you would like the business to waiver, it is another 5, 10 or more cancellations from clients in the same situation. As a collective this loss would see the business being unable to meet its costs and Start Pilates is not a big corporation....it is owned by one person, who also has financial commitments to meet.

I hope this letter has explained the reasons why Start Pilates has a cancellation policy and I hope it has shed some light on the bigger picture in that there has been a lot of thought put into this policy and all the policies I implement. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you do have any further questions about our cancellation policy you can contact me on our studio number 0413 086 204.

Kind Regards,


Samantha Start

Owner Start Pilates


*Please note that all classes and appointments run within the school term. Your Pilates package expires at the end of this term and therefore ANY classes that are missed during your ten weeks, will need to be made up during the 10 week time limit.

Thank you for your understanding.