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Why Pilates?

Pilates is based on putting yourself into unstable postures and challenging your body by moving your limbs. It improves muscle endurance, promotes better co-ordination and balance and your posture, flexibility and balance. 

Pilates is practiced by rugby players and ballerinas, MotoGP riders and swimmers, men, women and children, at all ages and stages of life. It is a challenging and versatile exercise that delivers long lasting physical and psychological benefits. 

Start Pilates for Strength, Agility and Endurance

Many training and gym routines are focused on building glamour muscles in the gym that look good in photos. As it turns out, looking fit doesn’t necessarily translate into being fit when it comes to athletic activities. 

At Start Pilates, we develop specialist programs to assist you to reach your training goals. The development of efficient movement, through resistance and posture control delivers long strong muscles to improve your performance. 


By utilising your own weight in a controlled and precise manner, you hone your focus and improve your performance. 

Start Pilates can help you prevent injury and increase your stamina. Working on your powerhouse muscles in your core and developing strong mobile joints your muscle memory can be improved. 

When you are in performance mode, it just ‘happens’, safely. 

I was humbled by how challenging it was for someone as supposedly strong as I was.