Start Moving With Start Pilates 


Everyone (no matter where they live) deserves to feel motivated, inspired and energised, amazing and strong from the inside out. 

What is Start Moves? 

Start Moves is a specialised Pilates program delivered online - so you get strong, increase your endurance and improve your agility, anytime and anywhere. 

From absolute beginner, those returning to Pilates or regular attendees who want an easy way to keep in form, Start Moves delivers flexibility when you work out and in your work out. 

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What Do I Get?

By choosing to join Start Moves, you will have unlimited global access day & night to your own Pilates studio . The module is yours to practice as many times as you need. The perfect alternative to bulky DVD’s, your sessions are hosted by us, and accessed by you at any time by logging on to the Start Moves site.

Each module has been developed by our trained and accredited Pilates instructors and personal trainers.

Our sessions are a low-impact, but serious strength workout that uses your own body weight, and simple equipment (fitness circle, small ball, fit ball, small weights, and band resistance) with movement to increase flexibility, create long strong muscles, and hone your performance focus



If you have any questions about the Start Moving program, please get in touch here